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Helping Spay Panama

What to Expect 
Your work may involve trapping and releasing sterilized animals.  Shaving, giving injections of anesthesia, antibiotic, analgesic, dewormer, vitamins by following our dosage charts which are based on weight.  Cleaning ears, tattooing dogs, cleaning cages, socializing the cats for adoption, cleaning to keep operation area ready for next session.  Senior vet students will get hands on surgery experience under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian.  

Along with your flight costs, that you will be responsible for, volunteering with UVIT requires you to donate: 

1)  $400 worth of veterinary surgical supplies.  Orders from www.shopmedvet.com should be made through Kris Sabatini at, kris@shopmedvet.com, to get the discounted Spay Panama prices ( in exchange for, airport transportation, meals, lodging, laundry, some sightseeing and dinner overlooking the Panama Canal).

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Important Questions:

A.Do you have any allergies or medical limitations? 

B.What size scrubs do you normally wear? 

C.Shoe size? 

Participant Commitment: (REQUIRED, please check one.)

"I agree that UVIT Helping Spay Panama is a week-long commitment."

The consumption of alcohol is STRICTLY prohibited on all trips. UVIT Helping Spay Panama prohibits the purchase and/or use of drugs that are illegal in the United States and consumption of alcohol while on your volunteer trip. This policy is in effect from the time of departure until the time of return.

"I agree to not consume alcohol or use illegal drugs while acting as a UVIT participant regardless of age or trip location."

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Personal Information:

I.What year are you in school? 

II.Do you speak any foreign languages?
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III.Why do you want to volunteer with UVIT’s Helping Spay Panama?  What do you hope to learn, accomplish, and/or gain from this              experience? 

IV.How would you describe yourself in a group setting?  What would you say your role is in a group?

V.Please describe any other animal experiences or volunteer programs that you have participated in during your college experience             (beginning with the most recent).

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UVIT Volunteer Application Form Week-Long Sessions 2022