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Spay Panama's Spay/Neuter Campaign work efforts, please click on the link below for location, pictures and total sterilizations per Blitz.
Spay Panama's Animals Yes, USA is an all volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.  TAX ID#  20-8764359
NOVEMBER 5-6, 2011

On the afternoon of November 5, 2011, Spay/Panama team went to Boqueron.  Civil Defense was not able to lend us a truck to take the equipment, so we overloaded our old pickup.  When we arrived, people and animals were waiting.  Coordination was done by Sarah and Sean Strong.
The Spay Center was set up in minutes and Dr. Augusto, Dr. Ruben, Dr. Tammy and Dr. Beth started operating.

NOVEMBER 27, 2011

How to control the number of abandoned animals:  a dilemma in Panama.  Most of the population understand the importance of sterilizations.  We do a lot of education, but only those that have a car or pay to bring their pets can come to our spay/neuter center.  We mobilize to remote locations so that people do not have to pay to transport their pets to our spay/neuter center.  And we have Ricardito Moreno that lives in la Cantera that asks us:  I only have 25 cents, can you operate my dog?

Casco Viejo, Santa Familia
December 18, 2011

25 dogs and 34 cats were sterilized in the former Santa Familia School Building in 4th Street, Casco Viejo.  Wonderful view from the building.  Early morning setup Cats brought to the spay center, in sacks, in pillow cases, in kennels, in traps  Dogs were brought in by owners, rescuers and feeders
Besides the spay/neuter, other conditions are evaluated and treated  This blitz was sponsored by LOS ANGELES DE LOS ANIMALES and the residents of Casco Viejo.  A special thanks to Melanie Holmes for doing the cat trapping  
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January 9 and 10, 2012

A few years ago, Zoraida R. brought Juanita, the dog that lives at the Juana Vernaza School to Spay/Panama in Panama City to be spayed.  When the animals are sterilized, they live longer and healthier lives.  This is the photo of Juanita the day of the blitz.  Working together gives us the opportunity to do much more.  At this Spay event, the Health Ministry, Civil Defense, and the residents joined forces and 303 animals were sterilized (245 dogs and 58 cats)


In October 2011, we were contacted by a parish in Albany, New York to have a spay event in Darien.  We asked how/why Darien?  Anne Brockenauer responded that their parish in Albany, NY is St. Vincent de Paul and are committed to social justice, and had partnered with the Centro Pastoral in Santa Fe, Darien through Pueblos to People.  The Centro Pastoral in Santa Fe is a Maryknoll Mission Site, staffed by 2 Maryknoll Sisters, Melinda Roper and JoJi Fenix. 

For the third year, Panama join forces with many countries around the world to promote spay/neuter throught massive sterilization campaigns.World Spay Day is an event to shine a spotlight on spay/neuter as a proven means of saving the lives of companion animals, feral cats, and street dogs who might otherwise be put down in a shelter or killed on the street. 

El Valle de Anton, February, 2013

El Valle de Anton is a tranquil, green valley two hours west of Panama City on the Interamerican Highway. It was a volcano millions of years ago and today, hot springs still well up out of rocks on the valley floor. A community has grown up out of the quiet streets and wooded hillsides. Many local families farm or work in tourism, since many families from Panama City come here to escape the heat. It is a small town with families working to make a living, tourists passing through, and kids playing in the street attended by the local dogs. This last scene, animals in the street, is particularly common.

Spay Panama Sterilization Statistics as of July 2024: 
Over 350,474 Dogs and Cats